Monday, March 21, 2011

lets try this again

for the second straight year, we have written a letter to try and play sound and fury fest.
at this point, im not even sure why. we just want to play.
this is the email that we wrote THIS year. let's see if it gets a response at all.

hello gentlemen

it was an unfortunate oversite that the Mistake did not play the festival last year, and one that hopefully nobody is dumb enough to repeat this year.

we realize that the amount of dick sucked by our band to rise to "the top" is not comparable to the slew of horrendous to mildly uninteresting bands that graced (and no doubt will continue to pollute) your stage, but that is not reason enough to exclude us.

last year, we not only wrote a very professional and polite letter to ask to play, but the record label that put out our record was a sponsor.
mr. harkins had the tenacity to ask javier for a favor in trying to book disembodied, and advice on what other bands should be asked to play, yet the band did not even get a response as to whether or not we could play. pretty rude, even by our standards.

at this point, one might ask why we would even WANT to play the fest. probably just on principal.

either way, you are fucked. if we dont play, we will make it a point to tell everyone about the situation. if we do, we will bother everyone in attendance and probably create a scene.

yours truly,

the mistake

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