Tuesday, June 17, 2014

mistake semi-complete discography

a couple people have asked me, so here it is

The Mistake demo-
recorded october 2001 at a studio in Downey for $100
vocals- jav
guitar- erick
guitar- chris
bass- scot
drums- michael
noise- collin
back up vocals by Martin and Dre Stewart

Fuck Everything Up-
Recorded at the Distillery onto tape by Mike McHugh
Al T joined the band the night before
vocals- jav
guitar- erick
bass- scot
drums- al t
back up vocals by Chris Rouse and maybe Chris Peralta

Fuck (split with Carry The Casket)
Recorded at Orbit Studios by Paul Miner. we booked a practice studio for three hours, set up two mics in the room. paid Paul $50
vocals and guitar- jav
guitar- mark
bass- itow
drums- al t

just past gay street
recorded at Grandma's Boy studios. intended to be demo versions of songs. the cover is jawbreaker covering psycadellic furs
vocals, guitar and bass- jav
guitar and vocals- mark
drums- evan

warship jamz demo-
recorded at Grandmas Boy studios
all instruments by jav
drums- drummer from hell

fuck what you heard
written, recorded, mixed and mastered in 4 days at Grandma's Boy studios
vocals, guitars and some bass- jav
bass- itow
drums- horwitz
backing vocals by Jerry the Casket and Joe Harder

demo recorded by Grandma's Boy
vocals- jav
all instruments- Grandma's Boy
drums- drummer from hell

Mistake Demo
Fuck Everything Up, Fuck, demo stuff
Just Past Gay Street
Fuck What You Heard
Live At Chain Reaction

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

better to burn out or fade away?

the mistake will most likely not be playing any shows after the november 5th show with gehenna and nails.

no drama, no bullshit. just tired.

thanks, but no thanks.

Monday, March 21, 2011

lets try this again

for the second straight year, we have written a letter to try and play sound and fury fest.
at this point, im not even sure why. we just want to play.
this is the email that we wrote THIS year. let's see if it gets a response at all.

hello gentlemen

it was an unfortunate oversite that the Mistake did not play the festival last year, and one that hopefully nobody is dumb enough to repeat this year.

we realize that the amount of dick sucked by our band to rise to "the top" is not comparable to the slew of horrendous to mildly uninteresting bands that graced (and no doubt will continue to pollute) your stage, but that is not reason enough to exclude us.

last year, we not only wrote a very professional and polite letter to ask to play, but the record label that put out our record was a sponsor.
mr. harkins had the tenacity to ask javier for a favor in trying to book disembodied, and advice on what other bands should be asked to play, yet the band did not even get a response as to whether or not we could play. pretty rude, even by our standards.

at this point, one might ask why we would even WANT to play the fest. probably just on principal.

either way, you are fucked. if we dont play, we will make it a point to tell everyone about the situation. if we do, we will bother everyone in attendance and probably create a scene.

yours truly,

the mistake

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

our letter to sound and fury 2010

Good Day, sirs

i am writing in regards to having my band, The Mistake, play at the Sound And Fury festival this year.

we recently published a 12 inch record through the subversive laboratories at Hellfish Family, and it is currently flying off the shelves in true revolutionary fashion.

The Mistake has been terrorizing crowds in and around Orange County for the better part of a decade, and in 2009 decided to strike back and reclaim our once highly regarded position in the Scene. We feel that playing the Sound And Fury festival would allow us to reach a larger audience, and win their hearts and minds to our cause.

Feel free to contact us, or our representatives at Hellfish Family, or any member of our Legal Staff, and let us know when our time slot will be.

Thank you for your consideration on the matter

The Mistake

Monday, March 29, 2010


so, my curiosity got the best of me and i decided to Google "the mistake fuck what you heard"

this is what i found:

What’s in a title? What’s in a band name? Look, if I see a song titled “Fight to Lose” by a band called The Mistake, from an album called “Fuck What You Heard,” my expectations are for some serious punk rock. So I download the song, notice it’s only exactly one minute long. Expectations higher – this has to be some hardcore a’la early 80’s, when far from being scouted by major record companies, punk bands were more likely to be investigated by the FBI. The track does not disappoint, it’s an exploding minute of ferocious, tight, tempo shifting, call and answer hook-stuffed, desperate hardfuckingcore from the suburban wastelands of Orange County.

i also found that the rapper/r&b dude called Javier also has a song called BIGGEST MISTAKE


Saturday, March 27, 2010


so last night we played a show in Riverside as a 3 piece, because Itow had something to do. it went over surprisingly well. it was nice to have an instrument back in my hands.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

che cafe 3.7.10