Tuesday, June 17, 2014

mistake semi-complete discography

a couple people have asked me, so here it is

The Mistake demo-
recorded october 2001 at a studio in Downey for $100
vocals- jav
guitar- erick
guitar- chris
bass- scot
drums- michael
noise- collin
back up vocals by Martin and Dre Stewart

Fuck Everything Up-
Recorded at the Distillery onto tape by Mike McHugh
Al T joined the band the night before
vocals- jav
guitar- erick
bass- scot
drums- al t
back up vocals by Chris Rouse and maybe Chris Peralta

Fuck (split with Carry The Casket)
Recorded at Orbit Studios by Paul Miner. we booked a practice studio for three hours, set up two mics in the room. paid Paul $50
vocals and guitar- jav
guitar- mark
bass- itow
drums- al t

just past gay street
recorded at Grandma's Boy studios. intended to be demo versions of songs. the cover is jawbreaker covering psycadellic furs
vocals, guitar and bass- jav
guitar and vocals- mark
drums- evan

warship jamz demo-
recorded at Grandmas Boy studios
all instruments by jav
drums- drummer from hell

fuck what you heard
written, recorded, mixed and mastered in 4 days at Grandma's Boy studios
vocals, guitars and some bass- jav
bass- itow
drums- horwitz
backing vocals by Jerry the Casket and Joe Harder

demo recorded by Grandma's Boy
vocals- jav
all instruments- Grandma's Boy
drums- drummer from hell

Mistake Demo
Fuck Everything Up, Fuck, demo stuff
Just Past Gay Street
Fuck What You Heard
Live At Chain Reaction

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